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Health Coaching


In the first consultation, the patient's profile and objectives are outlined and a body assessment is made (if the consultation is in person) and anamnesis. After the consultation, the participant decides whether he wants to start the follow-up.

1 Session

10 Sessions

€ 50

€ 60

€ 450


Online course

Change your routine, Change your life, with Ayurveda

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(Only Portuguese)

Learn to interpret your body's signals, create your personalized healthy routine and control your health with the help of ancient knowledge brought by the teachings of Ayurvedic science.

- 28 recorded video lessons

- asynchronous

- starts right away


Access during:

€ 39

€ 49

1 year

1 month

Holistic private lessons


The sessions are completely personalized and can be based on breathing techniques, mindfulness, pilates, yin yoga, etc. It will all depend on your preferences and goals.⁠

Includes body assessment (if in person), anamnesis and personalized practice

1 lesson

8 lessons

€ 35

€ 45

€ 280

€ 360

* to all sessions in English, a fee of 5 € is added


* online option does not include weighing and measurements, the patient is responsible for delivering the requested data