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Ayurvedic Nutrition

|online or in person|

Unlike "Modern Nutrition", Ayurvedic Nutrition follow-up involves several aspects of the lifestyle we lead, in addition to food.  When we respect our individual nature in our daily lives, we experience life with a calmer body & mind.

Each of us is different and, depending on our reality, we all need specific tools to keep ourselves balanced.


Based on your needs, you will receive instructions for body, mind and daily routines suited to your characteristics, thus creating the opportunity for your natural intelligence to bring you back to your innate state of health and physical and mental balance.

Understand the basics of Ayurvedic science in just 2 hours, in the comfort of your own home and at the pace and time you prefer.

Discover how to balance yourself, starting from basic and clear concepts about routines, seasons, food, physical exercise, sleep, among other practical everyday topics.

No prior knowledge of Nutrition or Ayurveda is required.


Online course
Basics of Ayurveda


body & mind

|online or in person|

Body & Mind classes are practical, completely personalized sessions based on breathing techniques, mindfulness, pilates, restorative yoga and yin yoga. The planning of each class is made according to your goals, preferences and limitations.  


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